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CableTech Electrics – Your local Fitzroy Electrician

Whenever you need an electrician, you can rely on CableTech Electrics, your local electrician in Fitzroy.

For over 2 decades we’ve been the electrician Fitzroy locals call for all of their electrical needs. We’re committed to providing a truly amazing service that encompasses all aspects from customer service to workmanship through to affordability. This commitment to great service has enabled us to proudly become the regular electrician of many Fitzroy residents.

When you call CableTech Electrics you can rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands. All of our work is carried out by licensed and qualified electricians. We’ll work cohesively with you to first understand your electrical requirements and to then deliver the type of world class solution that only an expertly trained electrician in capable of.

Although we provide genuinely top class electrical solutions we also ensure they’re very affordable. Because of our commitment to serve the Fitzroy community we want to ensure that our electricians are accessible to all. When you’re in need of local Fitzroy electrician, call CableTech Electrics, our service and prices can’t be beaten.

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Electrical Services Fitzroy

Our expert electricians are more than qualified to provide a range of electrical solutions throughout Fitzroy. No matter the project we can arrive promptly and professionally to deliver a great electrical service.

For your local Fitzroy electrician call 0409 434 850 now. Some of the electrical work we do a regular basis includes:

Emergency Electrical Service

We’re happy to attend to any electrical emergency. Because we’re the local Fitzroy electricians we can arrive quickly and fix you emergency faster than the rest. If there is any chance of danger, please contact us immediately on 0409 434 850 for advice.


Our electricians are adept in developing commercial lighting solutions, down lighting for both residential and commercial requirements, LED lighting to reduce electricity bills, light installations, outdoor lighting, security lighting and wall lighting. Whether you have a new project, maintenance or simply require a revamp, our electrician is at your service.

Electrical Repairs, Rewiring and Power Points

CableTech Electrics electricians are all fully qualified and trained to the highest standards and as such we’re capable of carrying our all manners of electrical repairs. We’re extremely profession at requiring when required and as an extension of that we can add, replace or relocate power points with ease.

Home Automation and Home Entertainment

Home Automation is continually gaining traction as the way of the future, controlling your many appliances from a single control interface with ease. An expert electrician will ensure a smooth, safe and efficient setup. As for Home Entertainment, don’t risk your expensive entertainment equipment, our qualified electricians will ensure it’s installed in a manner that offers you best performance and protection.

Workplace Electrical Work

Electric Cable Ducting Systems will keep your workspace looking clean and tidy whilst also keeping you on the right side of health and safety regulations. Our electricians are also extremely proficient with fibre optic cabling.

We can also install back-up generators and uninterruptable power supplies to protect you from down time and protect your expensive equipment.

Safety Switches and Switchboards

Our electricians attend to numerous safety switches and switchboards throughout Fitzroy. Often older model switchboards are no longer up to current safety standards. We can replace, repair or install new safety switches and/or switchboards with absolute ease.

Solar Panel Installations and Air Con

With the explosion of the solar industry we’ve ensured that our electricians have remained ahead of the curve and had them expertly trained in all manners of solar panel installations so that our customers get maximum production from their panels as well as maximum longevity.

We’re the air conditioning installer that Fitzroy residents have been relying on for over 20 years. We can help select and install your ideal air conditioning unit. Read more about air conditioning installations in Fitzroy.

Electrician Servicing Fitzroy

When you need an electrician in Fitzroy quickly just remember that we can arrive at your door in minutes. As we focus on servicing Fitzroy and the surrounding suburbs our electricians can always arrive promptly and provide you with a great electrical solution that meets your needs. Servicing the Fitzroy community is very important to us and we keep our prices extremely affordable to enable us to help as many people as possible.

We also service the surrounding suburbs including, but not limited to:

For an electrician you can rely on for great service at great prices, call CableTech Electrics, your local Fitzroy electrician.

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As the local electricians in Fitzroy our reputation means the world to us. Every time our qualified electricians complete a job in Fitzroy it only serves to further enhance our already glowing reputation. For an expert electrical service from a professional Fitzroy electrician, call CableTech Electrics, your local electrician in Fitzroy.

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